What Information To Include On Your Flyers And Some Design Tips

It is no secret that flyers are some of the most effective marketing tools to use if you want to market a specific product or create brand awareness. These simple leaflets can easily be handed out to anyone who passes your store and it is very easy to slip them into grocery bags to promote some of your other products when you make a sale. Designing the perfect flyer can, however, be a little bit challenging. It isn’t very easy to include a lot of information on a small page and to make all of this information look attractive. For effective marketing, your flyer should have all the needed information, but it shouldn’t be too crowded. So what information should you include and what should be left out? Let’s take a look.

What Information to Include on a Business Flyer

It is always good to limit the amount of content and information on your flyer. If you add too much information, your little page will become too overcrowded and designers are forced to reduce the font size to a point where the information might be difficult to read. It is best to include only the bare minimum on your flyer. Here is a quick look at the most crucial information to include on these marketing devices

A Powerful Headline

The headline is the most important portion of a flyer. It is the part that captures the attention and tells the reader what the flyer is about. The headline of your flyer should stand out, it should be catchy, easy to read, and relevant and it should convey the main message of the flyer. Keep this part of your flyer short, sweet, and to the point.

The Main Goal or Purpose

Your flyer should have a very specific function. What is the main message that you would like to convey? Or what is the main product or service that you want to market? Identifying the main goal of the flyer will make it much easier to narrow the information you want to include down and simplify things so the flyer will be easy to read.

Supporting Information

Flyers are big enough to allow you to include a little bit more content or information about your product or service. You should include a part that explains what the goal or motivation of the flyer is. This section can be printed in a much smaller font and it should be a little bit more elaborative but still to the point.

Graphic Elements or Photographs

No one is going to read your flyer if it doesn’t have some artistic appeal or if it doesn’t look attractive. It is better to include graphic elements or photographs on your flyer print. These images are captivating and the right type of image can also explain more about the type of goods and services you would like to promote

Call To Action

It is good to always have a call to action on your flyer. A call to action like “In Store Now”, or “Call us and Find Out More” can instill a sense of urgency and might inspire the reader to act right away instead of putting things off.

Contact Information

It is also important to include a contact number, physical address, or social media account on your flyer so the reader can easily contact you or reach you and find out more about your products and services. If designing your own business flyers seems a little too daunting then you can always give Print on Demand a call. We can help you create perfect and striking designs for your flyer and we can print as many of these small marketing tools as you might need.

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