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Full colour, standard as well as custom postcards with single or double side printing can be your cost-effective route to promotions or sending out your message. Rather than plain postcards, choose glossy premium cards and create a professional impact on your target. We have great offers on postcard printing in Melbourne, for both small and large quantities and you will find a postcard of your choice here at Print on Demand. When you are holding a special event and wish to send out invitations, come to Print on Demand for invitations printing with a twist. Bold, beautiful postcards and invitations also show your intended audience that you care for them and for your image. Low in cost yet powerful, these are ideal to get your message across.

Print on Demand – Your fast, quality printing solution

Send off gorgeous, tailored postcards to your family, your staff or clients. Create a full-colour postcard that stands out. We can help print large and small quantities designed for your specific needs, from a save-the-date for your wedding to birthday card printing and events card printing in Melbourne. Your vision is our pleasure! And if you’re not looking for invites, take a look at what else we can do for you:

Flyers: Glossy, quality flyers for distributing announcements, openings, gigs or special occasions.

Brochures: Show off your business or brand, utilising our brochures helps you get your audience excited about your company.

Booklets: From e-books through to printed reports, we can print out booklets of all sizes and help format at it to suit.

And so much more: Got a job you want printed? Just call our team and we’ll see how we can help.

Get Premium Postcard Printing for Events & Parties

Postcards have always been a popular way of sending greetings, invitations, and announcements. With the rise of digital communication, the charm of receiving a physical postcard has only increased. This is why at Print On Demand, we offer premium postcard printing services in Melbourne to help you create personalised and high-quality postcards for any occasion. Our postcard printing services in Melbourne cover a wide range of occasions and events. Some of our popular services include:

Birthday Card Printing: Celebrate your loved one’s special day with a personalised birthday postcard. Choose from our variety of templates or design your own card to make your day even more memorable.

Events Card Printing: Whether it’s a music concert, art exhibition, or corporate event, create eye-catching postcards to promote and invite people to your events.

Invitations Printing: Make a lasting impression with our elegant invitation postcards for weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

Wedding Card Printing: Commemorate your big day with beautiful wedding postcards that reflect your unique style and personality. Our printing services ensure that your invitations are of the highest quality to impress your guests.

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For more information or to print post cards today, call your closest POD location: Melbourne CBD on (03) 9600 2032, or South Melbourne on (03) 9645 0339.

Stand Out from the Competition with Custom Postcard Printing in Melbourne

Choosing custom postcards for your business can be a great idea, and it can help you stand out from the competition and help your business reach its potential buyers. Custom postcards allow you to showcase your brand, products, or services visually appealingly, and they can be easily distributed to potential customers via mail, in-store displays, or at events. By creating a custom design, you can make your wedding card printing, invitations printing, and printing for events in Melbourne stand out and reflect your brand’s unique identity.

Various service providers are available for getting quality custom postcard printing in Melbourne. But if you want to get the highest-quality postcard at an affordable price, then Print on demand should be your first choice.

Affordable Postcard Printing Services

At Print on Demand, we sell inexpensive custom postcards, and our printing solutions are top quality you can have birthday card printing, events card printing, invitations printing and wedding card printing in one-place. However, there are various reasons why we are people’s first choice when it comes to hiring a service provider for postcard printing in Australia:

Self services available with zero waiting period

10% discount & extra printing assistance for students

No minimum quantities to order

Eco-friendly products & energy saving

Choosing the Right Options for Postcard Printing in Australia

There are different types of postcard printing materials available in the market. Let us see which are those and how you can choose the right material for postcard printing in Melbourne:

  • Glossy: Glossy print is a popular choice for postcards because it has a shiny and smooth finish that makes colours appear more vibrant. This material is ideal for postcards with high-quality graphics or photographs.
  • Matte: Matte print has a non-reflective finish that gives postcards a more subdued and professional look. This material is ideal for postcards with many text or minimalistic designs.
  • Recycled paper: Recycled paper is an eco-friendly option made from post-consumer waste. This material has a natural and textured feel that gives postcards a rustic and organic look.
  • Kraft paper: Kraft paper is a heavy and durable material with a brown and natural appearance. This material is ideal for postcards with a vintage or retro design.

To choose the suitable printing material for your business, you must consider your design and branding, as well as your budget and target audience. In addition, working with a reputable postcard printing service in Australia like Print on demand can help you choose the right material and ensure that your postcards are printed to your satisfaction.

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