Using a Quality Printing Service can Boost Your Brand Identity

No matter how digitised the modern world has become, businesses can still stand out today with colourful and attention-grabbing flyers and other printed materials for marketing purposes.

There are dozens of different names given to words and/or graphics imprinted on paper, such as leaflets, flyers, newsletters, postcards, catalogues and more, but they’re all quite different in their intended purpose. What are some of the most common types of flyers and similar printed materials you can use to make your business stand out? Here are a few that Print on Demand can assist you with:


Commonly used by bars, nightclubs, comedy clubs and other similar venues, handbills are typically given to individuals employed by the business and physically handed to passersby on busy urban streets. Handbills might be ignored by 90%+ of people passing by, but those that do grab one have a high chance of at least looking at it, and gosh does that first impression matter a lot.

Content you should consider putting on a handbill includes a specific event, limited-time offer, buy one get one free (BOGO) offers, important announcements, and other short-term information. Try to have only the most relevant information on a handbill, things that matter and that will garner immediate attention if seen.


For longer-term promotional materials, posters are a great way to relay marketing information to individuals. They also have another purpose, adorning the walls of a teenager’s bedroom (or an adult!), decorating office interiors, and more.

These large printed displays are most commonly seen at cinemas to announce and promote the latest films, at music venues to promote an upcoming event or an important social and/or political event such as a rally or protest. The large surface area of a poster makes it ideal for stunning graphic displays, and it can contain a lot of content that can engage anyone passing by.


Businesses that want to explain a product or service in greater detail as well as market that product/service to their customers often make use of pamphlets. Pamphlets are small booklets that give additional detail about a product or service, so attention to detail is a must since these will often be read willingly by interested customers rather than come across as “pushy” marketing and advertising, so try to sell your product/service as best and as honestly as possible in a pamphlet.

Marketing Flyers

Simple marketing flyers are sort of a general mix between a handbill, pamphlet, and poster in the sense that they can be distributed or displayed in a wide assortment of ways. Generally, flyers are single-page announcements that promote your business or an upcoming event, but they can be used for individual products or services. This makes flyers endlessly versatile, and they can also be digitised and placed on a website or social media post to relay important information to customers.

Digital Flyers

Whereas all of the above flyers involve physically printing ink on paper and come with scalar costs for doing so, digital flyers don’t require any printing whatsoever and can be scaled up for digital distribution endlessly. Online distribution is immensely popular nowadays as one might imagine, so having multiple channels to advertise your product or service can amplify or “juice” (as the kids might say today) your content. For example, consider posting your digital flyers in email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and on your website, funnelling traffic to your website through a catchy call to action.

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