Trade Show Posters: How to Make an Impression at Your Stall

Trade shows and events can be a perfect way to showcase your brand and your product or service to prospective clients within your industry as well as to any other attendees. Making a positive first impression is critical at these events, especially if you’re setting up a stall to advertise your company.

One of the most important ways to visually attract the eyes and attention of passersby at a trade show, conference, or large event is to have eye-catching visual displays that clearly and quickly relay all necessary information. Posters, signs, foam boards and other graphics can achieve this, but how should you go about designing and printing these for your stall? Below are a few helpful tips:

Get the Attention of Your Target Audience

There are many ways to attract people to your stall, but how can you stand out against a sea of competitors all vying for that same attention? Think of it a little like preparing a professional slideshow – simplicity and eye-catching graphics and simple charts or tables are far more important than a wall of text. Keep it simple, silly, is good practice here.

Consider that you want to get their attention and keep it for as long as it takes them to wander over to your stall, whereby you and your colleagues can provide them with a full explanation of your products/services face-to-face.

This means choosing simple colours, large font sizes and perhaps just your logo and a slogan or some key services, at most. You can pair these graphics up with more detailed graphics in a smaller font to communicate important information to those individuals who have already come over to your stall, but it is paramount to have a simple design for your primary graphics.

Choose Your Visual Graphic Displays

When it comes to your stall’s visual elements, what media is best? It depends on the space you’ve been allocated as well as the size of the event, but generally, you can’t go wrong with large foam boards as well as poster and sign printing on large-format media. Bigger is better at stalls, so make sure that you’re choosing a foam or paper backing that can be affixed to your stall.

Of course, you should also have plenty of smaller brochures or pamphlets to hand out to anyone passing by and free branded pens or other little trinkets can make a great positive impression as well. Print on Demand can help with all of the printed materials you need.

Design Consistent and Branded Graphics

When designing your graphics, as mentioned, opt for big fonts, simple layouts and oversized graphics such as your logo or your primary service or product. A large, simple printed graphic can convey just enough information to attract people to your stall and branding can identify your company from others. This means using brand-consistent fonts and colour palettes on all printed materials.

Consider Integration and Interactive Graphic Elements

Nowadays, a telephone number and physical address might not be as important to some trade show attendees as social media contact information or a link to a YouTube channel or company website, for example. QR codes can be integrated into your printed graphics to create an interactive and modern way of engaging with attendees.

Choose High-Quality Prints

The quality of your prints should be sufficiently high to look professional and presentable, so it’s important to work with a professional printing company such as Print on Demand.

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