Top Tips to Make a Brilliant Brochure for Your Business

Despite the increased digitisation of the modern business world, printed materials still have their place in conveying your brand as well as your product or service to potential customers or clients. Brochures are a simple yet nevertheless effective means of informing potential customers, clients, or even your employees about your products and services affordably and effectively.

Making a brochure (or just about any other printed material) is a classic example of “measure twice, cut once,” or in this case, design and plan out your brochure as many times as it takes to get it right then print it a dozen, a hundred, or even thousands of times.

Below are a few key tips for making an effective business brochure for your business: 

Know Your Target Audience

First and foremost, who will be the intended audience for your brochure? Are you trying to simply advertise your business and the products or services you offer to customers? Are you trying to convey meaningful business information to your employees?

Perhaps you’re trying to reach a new and burgeoning market, such as a certain demographic. Whatever the case may be, it is important to narrow down your target audience (or broaden it, as appropriate) so that your brochure is relevant and conveys just enough information to the desired reader(s).

Try to KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!)

In line with the previous point, make an effort to abide by the ol’ fashioned KISS principle of Keep It Simple, Silly. Your design and layout should not be too complicated or stuffed with paragraphs or “walls of text” for the sake of it.

Keep all information concise and relevant to your target audience and make use of graphics and white space to facilitate reading.

Layout & Style

In terms of style and design, opt for a good balance of having just the right text information that needs to be conveyed, using the right size and type of font for your needs, graphics, white space, and any other visual assets that make reading your brochure simple and straightforward yet informative and keeping the attention of the reader.

Keep in mind that brochures are typically folded defoliants with an exterior and interior. The first thing your readers will see will likely be the exterior, so that’s where your brand and the most important information should be found. The interior should go into greater detail about the core message of your brochure, e.g. your product offerings or services available.

Use Consistent Branding Throughout

Branding is essential nowadays and a brochure is no exception. Branding is more than just a logo! Naturally, your brochure should have your business logo but you should also ensure that all text fonts and colours used are in line with your business brand and the type of “voice” you want to convey.

Paying close attention to branding for your brochure can ensure that your brochure is consistent with the rest of your business’s marketing efforts, making it instantly recognisable to anyone who has encountered your brand before.

Use a Call to Action

Every brochure should have a clear call to action (or a few throughout) just like you should be doing in your other marketing efforts. While you should be providing relevant information to readers, you should urge them to contact your business to obtain a sample or to book a consultation, for example.

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