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Print Beautiful Handouts as a Teacher or Student: 5 Tips

Whether you’re a uni student, a teacher or professor, or the parent or guardian of a school pupil who wants to create a stunning presentation, handouts can greatly help in conveying important content and supplementing your presentation.

Print on Demand can’t help with the most important aspect, which is the charisma and enthusiasm of a well-delivered presentation, but we can help your presentation stand out with beautiful and meaningful handouts for participants to enjoy and learn from.

Here are a few helpful tips for your handouts:

  • Be Picky With Fonts

There was once a time when practically everyone used Microsoft Word to create documents such as handouts, and the standard font was long Times New Roman. For a few decades now, they’ve gone with Calibri and now have various standard fonts. These fonts can be just fine, and there are great reasons why they’re used as the default font rather than, say, Comic Sans MS.

For long-form content such as blocks of text, a serif font is usually much easier on the eyes; Times New Roman is a serif font. Basically, if the letters have little details on them (a serif), then it guides the eye more comfortably across the words. Sans serif fonts like Arial or Calibri don’t, but that might be okay for shorter segments of text. Of course, you can get creative and choose one of the hundreds of other fonts available for free on most word processors to make something truly unique.

  • Carefully Choose Your Graphics/Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say, so carefully choosing the right graphics and/or images for your handouts can significantly help to get the message across. This could mean using a graph or pie chart, for example, to display data that would otherwise be too clunky to put in text format.

Moreover, spend a little time playing with images, making sure they are relevant and appropriate for the content of your handout. Consider using an image as a background, too, so long as it doesn’t detract from the remainder of the content.

  • Colour-Friendly or B&W?

Following on the previous point, background images and many other types of visual content might look great on your monitor but perhaps not so great when printed in black and white.

If you’re printing out in colour, this may not be a problem, but also consider that some colours might not look exactly the same as they do on your monitor. Ask your local print shop to see a sample in colour vs black & white before printing 30+ for the whole class.

  • Content is King

The most important part of your handout, by far, is the quality of the content printed therein. Remember that for presentations, handouts should supplement the presentation and not distract your audience.

Try to keep it short and simple, only showing the most relevant information on the handout or showing content that would otherwise not be suitable for the presentation itself, such as detailed information that supplements the topic.

  • Choose a Reliable Print Shop

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to print large volumes of handouts for presentations and for other purposes is to trust a local, reputable print shop such as Print on Demand.

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