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Are you entering the corporate world and are unsure of what to put on your first business card? Does the thought of networking fill you with unease? In an ever-growing and changing digital world, it’s easy to think that business cards are becoming obsolete. However, these days more than ever it’s important to leave a physical mark in a digital world, and the best way to do that is with a business card. How do you know what to include on yours? We’ve got you covered with our tips on how your business card should read.

Whether you’re meeting with clients for the first time, or heading out to a networking event, it’s important that your business card displays all the information you need. Think to yourself, what’s most important? Your name, your company, your company title or even a tagline. A way for someone to initiate further contact is also very important – that’s the whole point of a business card! How they can contact you is up to you. Some people are starting to leave their phone numbers off their business cards, and including their email addresses or LinkedIn profiles instead. Either way, it’s important not to include too much information so it’s hard for someone to read. Which brings us to our next tip…

Keep It Simple!

Keeping information and design to a minimum is important. Don’t make the font too small, don’t include too much information, and don’t be afraid to use too much white space! Keep the back blank, or only use it for a small bit of information that can’t be missed. Making your card easy to read is the most important thing to remember – if it’s too busy and makes it difficult for the reader then your business card will probably be forgotten.

Make it Memorable!

Have fun with your design to make it memorable! Play around with white space and colours, fonts and the overall tone of the card. If you’re an adventurous type, play around with the shape of the card. Think rounded corners, cut outs, or textures. Try not to change the size of the card, you don’t want to sacrifice convenience for memorability as these cards still need to fit inside a wallet!

If you need help with your business card needs, the team at Print on demand Melbourne are here to help! We’re the experts when it comes to creating high quality business cards design Melbourne at an affordable price. Place your online printing order today, or if you have questions about our services you can call us on 03 9670 8024.

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