How to Turn AI Art into Beautiful Posters and Large Format Prints

The modern world of artwork is evolving at a rate perhaps never before seen, largely due to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) that can ‘create’ art with nothing but a simple prompt. While certainly imperfect, AI art does lower the barrier to entry for many creative individuals that want to create unique artwork for all sorts of purposes, such as creating posters and large format prints for their home or business.

What exactly is AI art and how can you leverage the power of this tool to create beautiful artwork in large format prints?

 What is AI Art?

AI art is artwork created wholly or partially by artificial intelligence and specific techniques such as deep learning, machine learning, and other AI methods. One could argue philosophically whether AI art is actually art, as it lacks what we as humans might call the spark of inspiration behind it, but anyone that has ever used AI art platforms as of 2023 ought to be aware of the incredible potential it has for creation.

There are many platforms that can now create AI art based on prompts, perhaps one of the most famous being Midjourney. While some AI art platforms are free to use, others have a paid subscription model. Most of these platforms require the user to input a prompt as well as parameters and the AI will then go on to produce artwork in a matter of seconds. Some allow for more detailed prompts, such as “1930s style, art nouveau, cat wearing monocle, happy mood, cartoon, black and white, 16:9 aspect ratio” whilst also allowing for great degrees of freedom (and the results can be amazing or terrible).

Why Use AI for Creating Art?

AI can be extremely useful for those with limited skills in graphic design that want to explore the possibilities of AI, to create unique pieces of artwork, or to create inspired pieces of artwork. Moreover, AI art makes it relatively easy to generate an image that can then be lightly edited in Adobe Photoshop or other software applications to create beautiful posters & sign graphics, for example.

 How to Prepare AI Art for Printing

Playing around with applications such as Midjourney and exploring the various outputs of your prompts can be an enjoyable way to pass the time, but the output will obviously always be digital. In order to transform that artwork into a real-life print for a poster or other large format print requires some preparation

Firstly, it’s important to use a file type that is conducive to high-quality, high-resolution poster printing. If possible, convert the image’s filetype to TIFF or PSD (Adobe Photoshop). These file formats preserve file resolution with superior compression and colours. Otherwise, output the file to PNG as compression will still often be good enough for a large format print. Try to avoid JPG or other image file types as these can become pixelated when printed out.

 How to Transform Your AI Artwork into Beautiful Large Format Prints

Once you’ve saved your file at the highest possible resolution using an appropriate file type, send your file to a reputable printing shop in Melbourne and south melbourne such as Print on Demand or get in touch with us to arrange for large format printing of your file.

If it’s your first time printing AI art on a large format, we encourage you to come visit us in person as we will gladly respond to any enquiries you may have.

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