How to Design a Flyer Like a Professional

Flyers are a fantastic medium to get the word out for an event or newsletter for your community. However, when you want to make a lasting impression, it is important to take a little bit of time to design your flyer. This is a fantastic experience that can help you channel your creative side, but if you are struggling for ideas it can be a bit of a road block.

Thankfully, this post is here to offer up some help so that you can wow your audience. By taking some advice from the professionals, we will help you create a flyer that will truly stand out from the crowd. From appropriate use of fonts to using contrasts in colour that will woo the reader, this post should provide you with some new tools to transform your flyer for the better. So, if you are ready to take your flyers to the next level, read on.

Be Careful with Fonts

Generally speaking, you will only want to use two different fonts at most on your flyer. If you are looking to break down your content in a way that will stand out, use font weight to parse the information in an aesthetically pleasing way. This can be done through the use of bolder or lighter font weights that can add depth. Another great method is to incorporate a little bit of colour or italics to draw the eyes of the reader into a specific part of your message.

Create Contrast in Your Flyer

A sure-fire way to grab the reader’s attention with your flyer is to use colour to create contrast. A perfect example of this would be to overlay some light text onto a dark background. This will make your text pop out from the paper and grab your reader’s attention instantly.

Balance Your Flyer Text

One of the biggest mistakes when designing a flyer stems from poor text placement. There are many ways this takes shape; from accidentally making your text look askew, adding too much information that will clutter the page, or even too little information that will make it look sparse. Try to avoid making things look too busy or quiet on the flyer by ensuring there is enough room for the text to ‘breathe’.

Consider Using a Border

Implementing a border is a great way to frame your content and use up some potential white space. These come in various styles and can really improve a flyer that is lacking in some areas.

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