How Printed Materials Can Help Close the Sale for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have more digital tools available than ever before to truly showcase their portfolio of properties to prospective homebuyers in Australia. From rendered 3D drawings of new builds to stunning high-resolution photography of existing homes and 360-degree room-by-room walkthroughs, there are so many ways to make a home stand out that many neglect to make full use of old fashioned printed materials.

Do these still have a place in the day-to-day business of a real estate agent? Absolutely. Here are five reasons why printed materials are essential for closing a sale on a property:

  • Create a Clean Professional Presentation for Prospective Buyers

High-quality printed materials have always been able to leave a lasting impact on prospective homebuyers, even with the advent of new digital technologies. Having a printed brochure, business cards, and pamphlets to hand out to prospective homebuyers can act as a reminder long after a client has visited a property.

Simply having a printed brochure left on a desk or nightstand could lead to a client remembering their visit and shortlisting yours when they do decide to proceed with a transaction.

  • It Showcases a Property in Ways that Photography Can’t

While it’s true that a picture says a thousand words, there are certain types of information and details that are better left to black and white (or in full colour, as it were). A brochure can be an ideal place to put key information about a property such as square metres of floor area, major renovations or works completed, energy efficiency ratings, etc.

Many of these can be “felt” with a visit or through photography, but many are best left to bullet points on a brochure for the property.

  • Complement Your Digital Marketing with Offline Marketing

Just about every business today can and probably should be putting a big portion of their marketing budget towards digital marketing, but not necessarily at the expense of offline marketing efforts as well. Try to dedicate some resources towards creating stunning physical printed materials, too.

Keep in mind that there may be some clients, particularly older clients (and perhaps with a large amount of capital ready to invest!) that may simply dislike digital marketing and these prospective customers may be far more likely to respond to offline marketing such as printed materials.

  • Demonstrate Local Expertise

Printed materials are the perfect media for showcasing your real estate agents’ local expertise in a way that’s a lot harder to achieve with digital marketing. Personalised and detailed neighbourhood profiles, property brochures and pamphlets, and other highly localised content can be achieved digitally but can be much simpler to do the old-fashioned way.

  • Leave a Lasting Impression

We’re in an age of short attention spans and social media bombardment, so even a well-designed social media post or email marketing campaign can suffer from low response rates and dismissal. Printed materials don’t necessarily suffer from this since, well, they are tactile and last (until tossed into a rubbish bin, perhaps).

Leaving customers with printed materials can command their attention for a few precious moments, which is essentially gold in a true attention economy. Make your properties stand out with beautifully printed brochures and other printed materials.

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