Direct Mail – Tried And Tested Marketing For Your Business

When it comes to marketing, there are some traditional methods that are tried and tested. Direct mail is one of these methods, and has been used in marketing for decades. It can be easy to overlook this rather straightforward way to convey a message, especially in the world of digital marketing. However, research indicates that people are more receptive to the things mailed to them directly when compared to our modern staple, the email.

This post hopes to dive into the world of direct mail, its merits and how to properly adapt it into your current marketing efforts. This is particularly useful for smaller businesses that are currently using the internet to market themselves, as direct mailing can bolster your current efforts.

Get Personal

By making your message a personal one, you are much more likely to reach your audience. Studies have shown that a personalized message is up to six times more likely to be read. There is a lot of information you can garner from your recipient to personalize it, ranging from names to birthdays. Just get a little creative and you should notice a rise in responses as a result.

Make An Impression

There is a certain type of tangible intimacy that comes from direct mail, especially when personalized. Direct mail is a great way to directly inject your message, brand and business identity into the life of your audience. With the right message – something that has a clear call to action – direct mail can grab the recipient’s attention just like you were in the room with them.

Tie In A Sale, Promotion Or Deal

One of the best ways to capture the reader’s attention with a direct message is to tie in a promotion, deal or timely sale. Creating a sense of impulsive urgency through a ‘last day’ deal can work wonders for bringing in new custom. Better yet, consider making your direct mail a coupon, ticket or physical part of your promotion. A sense of inclusion along with urgency is a surefire way to stir up some chatter about your brand.

Blend Online And Offline Marketing

If you are currently using online platforms to market yourself, it can really benefit you to bring in some offline efforts, too. One of the keys to this is to direct your audience to different marketing channels that you use. For example, use your offline marketing efforts to get more people to view your Facebook page.

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