5 Tips for Printing Your Own Custom Calendars

Who needs a calendar these days? Just about anyone can easily look at the bottom-right corner of their computer monitor to see the time and date, or more commonly perhaps, pop open their smartphone.

Calendars have gone digital but old-fashioned paper calendars have not gone the way of the dodo. In fact, a beautiful calendar can be a great way to track the days and months of the year for yourself or for your business and you (or your employees or clients) may be looking at them every single day of the year, so they’re great for marketing and branding.

Printing a custom calendar really opens up incredible options for private individuals and business owners, but how should you go about printing your very own custom calendars? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a Design and Layout

You may already have a good idea of how to lay out your calendar, or perhaps you haven’t got a clue. The design and layout will affect how it turns out once it’s been printed, and if you’re printing dozens, hundreds, or more calendars then you certainly want to get it right before printing.

Print on Demand can bring your calendar design to life in all sorts of formats and sizes, including single page simple calendars, compact calendars, desktop mini calendars, large calendars for hanging on walls or doors, and much more.

  • Carefully Select Images & Graphics

A picture says a thousand words, and calendar photos should be carefully chosen to attract attention. For business calendars, you may wish to choose photos of your establishment, employees, products or services, for example, to showcase with pride the best of your business.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with going the more traditional route and using beautiful landscapes, animals, or attractive men/women like many famous firefighter calendars. If desired, you can also add eye-catching graphics to your calendar, such as your company logo or icons on specific dates.

  • Incorporate Branding & Calls to Action

A company calendar can be one of the most effective ways to incorporate branding within your office and without. Consider providing company calendars to all office employees and compact calendars for valued clients, suppliers, or anyone else that could benefit from it. Not only does it provide daily value, but it also showcases your business brand every single day.

Also consider using this opportunity to include your company’s telephone number and an email address so that you can be contacted, along with a catchy call to action throughout the calendar.

  • Think Outside the Box

Most calendars have a similar design for the dates, namely little boxes with the date number or perhaps the day of the week. Where you can get a little creative is in demarcating specific dates that are meaningful or important for you and/or your company, such as birthdays, for example.

Another fun idea is to include things like memorable quotes, little poems, or fun “did you know” facts that are relevant to your company.

  • Choose Quality Paper & a Reputable Print Company Near You

A calendar should last you a full year, of course. If the paper is flimsy and it doesn’t last the full year, it hasn’t really done its primary job. If it lasts longer than a year, well who cares, really – it’s most likely rubbish if it’s a one-year calendar!

Print on Demand can print your calendars using high-grade glossy paper that can withstand daily use whilst not costing a fortune for each page. Enquire with our friendly team for a quote for calendar printing and to explore your options for design and paper choices for your calendar.

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