5 Reasons Why Engineers & Architects Choose Print on Demand

Architects, as well as engineers working for the public sector as well as those in consultancies working privately, depend on high-quality drawings as a core part of their professions, which means obtaining printed materials for internal use as well as for their clients.

Engineering and architectural technicians and draftsmen overwhelmingly use AutoCAD and other similar software suites to prepare drawings digitally and only a few old-fashioned die-hards still pull out the T-square and vellum paper nowadays, but access to a plotter is not always a given in every office.

Print on Demand can assist engineering and architecture professionals with plotting and much more. Here are five reasons why our clients choose us:

  • Specialised Plotters & Printing Equipment

Plotting equipment is quite large and bulky and is either impractical for many engineering consultancy offices or too cumbersome to operate and maintain, so it’s often simply far more practical to leave this job to a print shop that does have the specialised printing and plotting equipment available.

Print on Demand has plotting equipment capable of plotting all commonly used paper formats in engineering and architectural drawings. Moreover, our equipment is well-maintained and kept in pristine working condition to ensure that your drawings look crisp and clean for your clients or for your own internal usage.

  • Versatile Range of Paper Plotting Sizes

Hand in hand with the previous point, plotting equipment at Print on Demand can prepare drawings in all ISO sizes such as A0, A1, A2, and so on. Large blueprints used by building contractors, for example, are often expected in large A0 sheets and plotted on high-quality paper that can be easily unrolled and deliberated over by teams of stakeholders, for example.

Given the size of these larger formats, our team will package and store these drawings so that they’re kept protected for your own use.

  • To-Scale & Accurate Drawings to Your Specifications

While it is the job of your draftsmen and technicians to ensure that your engineering or architectural drawings are accurately drawn to scale, our team will ensure that they’re plotted to scale according to your specifications.

Most of this takes place in the paper space of AutoCAD or similar layout tabs of other drafting software applications, but our team can verify that your drawings are indeed to scale, notifying you of any discrepancies. This can act as a layer of quality control, particularly important before handing over these drawings to the public or to end clients.

  • Save Time & Money

The time, effort, and cost of owning and operating your own plotter can be simply not worth it for most engineering firms, particularly smaller teams that need to squeeze out as much value and productivity as possible without having to train their already qualified professionals on how to use a plotter on company time.

Instead, leave the task of plotting and save money by outsourcing this task to a reputable print shop such as Print on Demand.

  • Convenience & Customer Service

We’ll make it simple, hassle-free, and convenient to process all of your requests as an engineering or architectural professional. Send us your CAD drawings and let us know what you require – we speak your language and can ensure that your blueprints look brilliant.

Print on Demand

Choose Print on Demand for printing your engineering and architectural drawings.

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