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3 Brilliant Branded Printed Materials Every Office Should Have

The office should be a place where employees can remain productive, and every office manager should be fitting out their office with ergonomic furniture and plenty of supplies for employees. Although modern offices largely rely on computers, old fashioned printed materials still have their place in the modern office.

In addition to giving employees practical everyday supplies to help them complete tasks, printed materials also serve as an excellent means of showcasing your company branding. Below are three brilliant branded printed materials that every modern office should have:

  • Custom Notepads

Old-fashioned pen and paper still have their place in modern offices, and custom notepads can be an excellent way for employees to jot down notes at meetings, write down vital information to later pass on to colleagues or to input data on a spreadsheet, for example.

A custom notepad is a simple supply that costs very little to distribute to employees and doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple logo and contact information can help to truly brand your custom notepads, and it can also help promote your company to suppliers and clients when handed out with a branded pen, for example.

If desired, you could also embellish your custom notepads with fancy graphics along the sides or custom fonts and colours that make your notepads stand out as truly unique to your business.

  • Business Letterheads

Whereas notepads are great for casual notetaking, scribbling, or passing on quick notes to colleagues, business letterheads are essential for all professional written documentation such as internal memorandums, offers of employment, and much more.

Business letterheads build credibility, exude professionalism, and convey your brand to recipients. What should matter most is the contents of the letter itself, but template business letterheads that are professionally designed and readily available create a lasting impression and can make your business stand out as being a genuine, professional business that puts attention to details.

What makes business letterheads such a cost-effective method of marketing your business is that they can be applied to all sorts of uses within and without your company, such as to suppliers and end customers, for example.

  • Business Cards

The small but potent business card has likewise refused to go the way of the dodo with digitalisation. Custom business cards can make quite an impact and build brand recognition, so it’s certainly worth having a few stacks of business cards on hand. More importantly, take some with you to give to prospective clients and suppliers along with a firm handshake!

Recall Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) in American Psycho, without the rest of the underlying plot of course, sliding over his business card across the table. Nice, very impressive. The tactile effect of a business card simply cannot be replicated online, and just like in the olden days there is somewhat of an expectation that the recipient will tuck it away into their coat pocket.

A custom business card forces you to be concise with your business branding and messaging, only keeping what is absolutely necessary for people to make that critical first phone call. Design custom business cards with high-quality paper and stunning designs with the friendly team of professionals at Print on Demand.

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