Using a Quality Printing Service can Boost Your Brand’s Identity

Have you considered the importance of pairing your business with a professional printing service? Beyond offering an uncompromising level of quality for all of your prints, utilising specific brand guidelines throughout your printed material can have many far reaching benefits for your business. First and foremost, it will help grow your brand recognition. By consistently using the same colours, fonts, graphics, slogans, logos and images on everything you print, you are helping engineer a familiar theme or personality for your brand which will keep your services at the forefront of your target markets’ mind.


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Incorporating brand guidelines is not exclusive for larger companies and can be used rather effectively for small to medium businesses as well. The most important thing to remember is that your printed material must remain consistent. If you’re releasing brochures, letterheads or posters with one design theme, but your business cards and website banners display a completely different style, then this is sending conflicting messages. To most effectively establish your brand as a professional and authoritative presence in the industry, a single uniform tone is key.


So what are the actual benefits of using a consistent brand image?


Ok so you’ve developed a business logo, you’ve chosen your fonts and colours, and you’ve printed out your branded advertising, letterheads and business cards etc. So how will this provide tangible value to you and your brand? Well consider it this way ­– are you in a competitive industry? Are there dozens of other businesses out there that offer a similar service? Well this is where having a recognisable and favourable brand identity will ensure you edge ahead of the competition and penetrate what very well may be, an already densely populated market.


If you have used your brand guidelines effectively, then your target market will be much more likely to choose a service they are familiar with, over another generic sounding business that they’ve never heard of.


Present yourself as a serious contender with a reliable printer


Don’t waste all of your hard work by choosing a cheap and nasty printing service. Your brand identity reflects how professional you are as a business, and if you’re sending out poor quality prints, then you’re sending out the wrong message.