Envelope File Preparation

Envelope Sizes & Templates

Adding a logo to an envelope can do more for your business than you think!

Communicate a consistent message, add professionalism, allow quick and easy identification, they even work as a marketing tool. We provide a range of stocks, sizes and sealing options to compliment your stationery package.

We can print on B4, C4, C5, DL & DLX envelopes, Secretive envelopes have a blue pattern on the inside, all window faced envelopes are secretive as standard. Wallet and Booklet Mailer envelopes have flap on the long edge, while as Pocket and Cartridge envelopes have flap on the short edge.

Envelopes with full ink coverage require special quoting. We don't recommend printing full coverage on envelopes or even large solid area.

Why not check out our envelope templates and to make it even easier, please download our Envelope Sizes Guide.

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