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At Print on Demand, each one of us is fully aware of and appreciates the importance of environment to life on the planet. Over the years we have given emphasis on carrying out business activities with the least impact on the environment. Today we pride ourselves as an organization that contributes its little bit to eco-conservation and energy efficiency.

Print on Demand has revamped its processes to conform to current environment concerns by implementing latest techniques. These are:

  • We use recycled and approved, safe, environment friendly raw materials and inputs
  • As far as possible, we reduce use of virgin paper and inputs that could strain the natural resources
  • We have a well defined policy and process for product take back supported by a sustainable program for conservation of resources
  • Our modern plant has implemented energy efficient techniques, equipments and processes. Wherever possible we have also promoted use of renewable energy sources in our operations.
  • We have reduced or even eliminated non-recyclable wastes arising out of our processes, diverting these to businesses that use such materials as inputs in production
  • Print on Demand actively promotes the use and sale of eco-friendly products
  • Everyone at Print on Demand’s team is enlightened and empowered to contribute to a better environment, even questioning decisions if these conflict with policies. Our centre in Melbourne is today acknowledged not only for excellence in printing services but also as a centre of awakening and promotion of environment awareness and consciousness.
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